Aiden Bernstein

Leader, Programmer, Outdoorsman

About Me

    In and around my school and community, I love to help as many people as possible. Whether that be by volunteering, joining an organization dedicated to service, or by stepping up to lead my peers.
    I have volunteered for many organizations, notably Harvest Time International, the Technology Student Association, and the GSA. The National Honor Society and the Ambassador program are just two service organizations that I am a part of. I have led many organizations around my school. I am the president of the Technology Student Association, and I was the vice president of the Junior Class and Newspaper Club during the 2022-23 school year.

    I am a web developer currently working at Florida Prosperity Partnership, who maintains its websites and creates new experiences for it. I am knowledgeable in many fields and have a passion for learning. A few of the programming languages that I favor are the front-end web stack, Java, and Python.
    Outside of work, I am enrolled in Crooms Academy of Information technology, and Seminole State College as a dual-enrollment student where I am working on getting my AA degree. I have received a technical certificate of web development from the college, and am currently working on the computer programming specialist technical certificate.

    When I'm not busy with my academic activities and internship. I love to do things outside. Some of my favorite memories are from various places that I've biked to. I also love to longboard, and I'm currently learning how to rollerblade.
    Every summer and winter, I travel with my aunt, uncle, and cousins to the eastern parts of Idaho, where we go hiking, paddleboarding, and skiing. Those moments, alone with nature and my family, are some of my favorite memories.
    I also enjoy taking photos during my travels. My favorite camera to use is the Nikon N2020, a film camera from the 80s, though I do occasionally use a digital camera.

Current Projects

  • CPFinCap

  • CPFinCap is a program designed by Florida Prosperity Partnership (FPP) that seeks to certify financial capability practioners. During my internship at FPP I led the team that redesigned the website and am currently in charge of maintaining it.

  • FLTON, or the Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network, is another program from FPP. It provides VITA training to members and connects them to taxpayers. I am currently helping in the redesign of this site as well.
  • TechFest

  • Crooms TechFest is an event held each year by the school's Business Advisory Council to connect the students to local businesses. I am currently redesigning the website from the ground up.
  • Electromagnetic Mass Accelerator

  • The electromagnetic mass accelerator (better known as a coil gun or gauss rifle) is an electrical device used to accelerate a mass to relatively high speeds. These have been designed before, but I decided to try to design my own with as little outside help as possible to test my electrical engineering skills.


You can download my resume here. References are available upon request.

Florida Prosperity Partnership

At Florida Prosperity Partnership (FPP) I am a Full-Stack Web Developer, meaning that I design and program the parts of the web page that users interact with, the parts of the web page that process the data, and the parts that connect them. I led the redesign of, and those design principles that I laid down will soon guide the redesign of and the rest of FPP's websites. I work with a team of interns who live all throughout Central Florida to continuously improve the company websites. We also manage the rest of the FPP's technology.